Prosperity gospel: Trades God to a ‘God’ man can Use and Command

“A Christian is strong or weak depending upon how closely he has 
cultivated the knowledge of God.    (Quote by A.W. Tozer)

Prosperity gospel is a false teaching and a dangerous heresy that has erroneous concepts that are found in its theology. As noted in an earlier post, Prosperity Gospel: A dangerous lie wrapped in a covering of a religion , this gospel has crucial distortions of biblical gospel in that it proclaims a small God, fails to identify man’s greatest need, empties the gospel of its power and robs God of his glory.

Prosperity preaching turns Christianity into idolatry and trades the glory of God for a cheap substitute by making health and wealth the goal of our salvation. This gospel deviates from the true gospel which is about an infinitely great God, an eternal King who reigns in all the earth as the Psalmist notes (Ps 47:8, 93:1, 97:1) who offers Himself to us sinners so that we can know Him and enjoy him forever. Christ suffered so that He might bring us to God as Peter notes (1 Pet 3:18). There can be nothing better than knowing God!

Sadly, prosperity gospel waters down and destroys such Good News, making many to pursue false and unsatisfied god of material prosperity. This new gospel, as Ken Mbugua notes in the book Prosperity? Seeking the True Gospel, reduces God to a sugar daddy by treating material gifts as the purpose of the gospel. He adds that this gospel emphasizes temporary benefits of material prosperity as the reason Jesus died to win for us forgetting that these are inferior gifts compared to fellowship with Almighty God.  

In his book, Preachers of a Different Gospel, Femi Adeleye notes that Prosperity gospel has a counterfeit faith that abuses faith from God, to having faith in faith or faith in the ‘Man of God’ who is the commander of ‘God the slave’ who should provide all demanded from him.  He quotes Oswald J. Smith who wrote in his book The God Man Uses;

“In the days we live in and within the church, the ‘modern’ Christian has invented a God he can use. This ‘God’ is supposedly the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ, but He is also a being whom people, and particularly some preachers, can use and manipulate for their own ends. This God has mass appeal and followership since he can be ordered, instructed or commanded to do whatever we want.”

It is sad to note that Prosperity teachers preach an easily manipulated ‘God’. Femi notes that this gospel ensures that God has no glory left, for after the miracle, the focus of attention and awe is not God, but the ‘Man of God’ who has made God do what the audience wanted. Femi adds;

“God’s holiness and sovereignty matters not for this ‘God’ hardly cares how his followers live.He winks at ungodliness or double standards in lives of followers and promoters. Most of the worshipers can live in sin and seen in worship services hours later ‘commanding’ God to do what they want. ”

David Jones and Rusell Woodbridge  in their book Health, Wealth and Happiness noted that Prosperity preachers demote God, stripping Him of His sovereignty, and place humans at the center of their theological system. They conclude,

“Prosperity gospel has a distorted view of God with some teachers making outrageous and irresponsible statements about God. They make the gospel man-centered due to their faulty view of the relationship between God and humanity reducing God to a ‘cosmic bellhop’ attending to the needs and desires of his creation.”

Prosperity gospel is offering us a little ‘God’ who is no God at all.  It is sad that most of us Christians have lost our art of reverence and awe before God through this new preaching that makes God irrelevant and we become the measure and center of all things.

May God help us to recover the lost ground by rejecting all falsehood of prosperity gospel and return to Biblical truth and knowledge of God of the Bible… the Isaiah 6 God worshiped by the Seraphs,

Holy, Holy Holy is the LORD Almighty,
the whole earth is full of his glory.


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