Did you know Prayerlessness is Selfishness

Last Sunday was father’s day; I am confident am a good father in the making. ‘What kind of a father will I make?’ is a question I usually find myself thinking about regularly. What defines a good father? Is it material possessions or wealth? What exactly?!

I am thinking…A good father is a praying father. Too sad that I have grown up in a society where prayers is left for women. Someone advised me that one of the qualities of a good wife is a praying wife. I do not dispute this, but I think on the other hand, a praying father is a good quality too ladies should look on men who are the head of the family just like Christ is the head of the church.

PraaaayersWe all need to pray. Both men and women need to exercise their faith through prayers- the chief exercise of faith. The way we tell God we only rely on him. The only way we exhibit our inability and call upon God’s help. Prayers show our total dependence on God.

Prayerlessness is selfishness. A father who does not pray for his family is selfish father. A good father should always commit his wife and children to God. He should train them to trust and rely in God, even in the little things of life. He should always pray for to God for their forgiveness, sanctification, for their salvation, for their needs…etc.

A prayer less wife/mother is a selfish wife/mother. A wife who does not pray for her children is a selfish mother in that she does not teach them to trust in the Lord. She should always commit her family to God, always praying for skills to bring her children in godly manner. She should pray for husband and the children to always exalt Christ in everything they do.

Prayerlessness is selfishness for the church member who does not pray for the Lord’s grace to be extended to his friends, for those who are battling a specific sin and seeing both encouraging victories and heartbreaking failure. A selfish church member is the one who does not pray for his or her Pastor, to always preach the gospel and to always show and exalt Christ in all the sermons.

Prayerlessness is selfishness for the Christian who does not pray for his neighbors, that the Lord would save them and that the Lord would even use him as the one to share with them the good news of the gospel. A selfish Christian does not pray for missionaries too.

May God help us to get out of our selfishness because of our prayerlessness!

What else do you think exhibit prayerlessness as selfishness?


3 thoughts on “Did you know Prayerlessness is Selfishness

  1. I didn’t know that women are known for praying more than men…. but this is a good challenge for ALL of us. To be prayerful is one of the most crucial character qualities, and ways of life, one could every have. Thank you.

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