Open Up About Your Sin Pattern to Overcome It

The devil has known it. He has beaten us so well in this. He always tells us, “Keep it a secret. Do not share. What will people think of you? Lowly, of course! Please do keep it to yourself.”

3_29_CC_HOME__PatternsOfSinThe enemy wants us to stay in darkness. He does not want us to see light. He delights when we hide behind the door and continue living in our sins. He urges us to conceal our recurring sinful patterns assuring us that we will overcome them on our own. Satan discourages us from confessing our sin patterns with fellow believers.

“Other believers may not understand it. They don’t go through it themselves. We are the only one undergoing through these struggles,” the devil deceives us. He also convinces us that our sin is not too bad. We end up weakening the gravity of our sin, giving ourselves permission to continue in it.

It just “feels” more secure to hide than to come out in the open about our struggles with sin. We thus stay in the darkness, and here’s what we miss: the grace and love of God who is faithful to forgive our sins if we confess them to Him (1 John 1:9).

thJA0A1BM7A friend Pastor told me, “If you want to know where the devil is working in your life, share what your secrets are!” He got it right. My secrets, the ones I have successfully locked in the heart and lost the key as a friend joked, are the sinful patterns I always struggle with.

Here is Pastor and Blogger Chuck Lawless advice on fighting recurrent sin pattern;

Be honest with somebody about your struggles. I know that’s a risky step, but we don’t overcome sin patterns when we fight the battles alone. God has designed the church in such a way that we can lean on each other for help. Ask God to direct you to someone with whom you can confess your struggle (James 5:16). Then, trust that godly love, restoration, and forgiveness will trump the power of sin (Gal. 6:1).

Confession is never easy. It’s embarrassing and painful at times. Sometimes it just seems easier to stay in the darkness than it is to confess our wrong to somebody else. It is a lie that we are more secure if we hide our struggles with sin than if we come out. We accept this lie as truth and fall even more into recurrent sin patterns that cannot satisfy.

Let’s purpose to develop enough, strong and deep relationships with folks we trust, whom we can freely talk with about our sinful patterns- the first step of overcoming our sin patterns.


By Kenneth Irungu
iServe Africa Apprentice
Serving at DOVE Christian Fellowship, Kawangware

3 thoughts on “Open Up About Your Sin Pattern to Overcome It

  1. Waoh! I love this … it’s so on point and touches the place of genuineness, love and trust in fellowship. ..I have grown so much by confessing and am only learning to do it even more often. its hard, its risky and undesirable to our proud hearts yet it’s a lie, a slave chain of the evil one and one of the many deceptions of our wicked hearts. …ahsante…keep on!

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    • Asante bro, I am also learning this. Growing too through confession. Praying that God will raise faithful brethren, with a listening ear and helpful advice, and who keep confidential issues confidential!


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