Beware of Barrenness of a Busy Life

Busy people need to squeeze time for such a book in their busy schedules. A small, humorous and clear book on busyness written by a person experienced on busyness; best-selling author, full-time senior pastor, circuit conference speaker, a blogger, loving husband, and dedicated father of five. crazyKevin DeYoung addresses the struggles and the craziness of busyness, reminding us of the barrenness of a busy life.

Kevin DeYoung opens the book by making clear that he writes the book first for himself, then to us, his busy readers.  He succeeds well in sharing personal faults and struggles and the insights he has learnt over time.

In this book, Kevin faithfully lays his arguments on the Bible from the first to the last chapter. He emphasizes that physical danger of busyness can be big but most serious threats are spiritual. He adds that when we are crazy busy, we put our souls at risk.

The book has 10 well-crafted chapters, with thought provoking headings. In addition, the author lays a clear outline that keeps the reader captivated throughout the book. He gives three dangers to avoid, seven diagnoses to consider and concludes the book with one thing you must do.

Kevin succeeds in challenging the reader to think over the busyness in the modern and globalized world as a result of technological advancements bringing about complexity in our lives. He calls upon the reader to critically think if he or she is trying to do good or to make him/herself look good?

BVfxSowIcAAQuiAIn one of the chapters, the author calls upon the reader to distinguish what one can do and what one cannot do for people. This he suggests is possible through proper setting of priorities and knowing one’s finitude with time. Additionally, he urges the reader to always stay on mission like Jesus did.

Kevin differs with the myth of parenting which hold that parenting creates the child. He reminds his audience that children when they grow up tend to first remember the character of their parents before they remember the rules parents gave them. He calls upon parents to know that their kids’ future is not in their hands, but in the hands of God.

On the issue of business with technology, Kevin notes that screens strangle the soul and thus the need for us to make boundaries on usage of technology. He points on the issue of internet that gives millions of taps to us daily. In another chapter, he urges busy people to rest, which he says is a good thing. He says that we all need to work hard just to rest by planning for breaks.

He concludes the book by quoting from Luke 10:38-42 calling upon the busy people to avoid distractions in life like Martha and ensure they spend time every day and being consistent in the Word of God and prayer. He says this is the only strong thing enough to pull us away from busyness. “We won’t say no to more craziness until we can say yes to more Jesus,” notes Kevin DeYoung.BVk65lIIUAACq5J

I highly recommend this book to busy people. It may not offer an instant magic on how to deal with busyness, but it offers one thing that will greatly help in fighting against the crazy busyness of our age.


By Kenneth Irungu
iServe Africa Apprentice 2015/16 serving at DOVE Christian Fellowship, Nairobi.

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