Exposed: Why we don’t read our Bible

Why do many of us read not our Bibles? In the last few years, Bible reading is on the decline. You would think by having Bibles translated into various vernacular languages and translations, many would be encouraged to read God’s Word, but this is not the case.

Am sure that most of us reading this, if not all, have a soft copy Bible (Bible app) either in their phone, iPad, iPhone, laptop or computer at home or at the office. I remember sometimes back, preaching to a drunkard man who proved to me that he was religious since he owned three different Bibles in his phone! Amusingly, he even had a vernacular Bible.

bible reading 3You visit my room today; you will find more than three copies of Bibles, not only that but also a Bible commentary. In my bag, I always carry with me one copy. In my phone, I have three different versions of Bibles! Am I not a real Christian? Is this not enough proof that I am spiritual? But do I read them…

I was shocked by a report released by Uncover Magazine (Summer, 2012) in America that showed that Eighty-five percent of households have at least two Bibles. This is gratifying statistics, isn’t it? Many people own Bibles! What makes me sad is how many people in the households read those Bibles?

May God help us identify what’s holding us back from reading His Word. “The devil” am thinking, acknowledging his role doesn’t really solve the problem! What we need is to rise up, pray up, and gang up on the reasons that makes us read not our Bibles.

Below are top four reasons people do not read their Bibles according to Barna Research. The exciting thing about the reasons is that they are solvable problems!

1. Lack of time
Men and women, me included, regularly feel crazy busy. Gordon MacDonald in his book, Ordering your Private World, put it this way, We think the most publicly active person is the most privately spiritual…Beware of barrenness of a busy life! Rarely do we get time to sit down read, meditate and reflect on God’s Word. What we need is to deliberate set time to read the Bible.

2. The language is difficult
Many argue the language of the Bible is hard to understand. However, introduction of various easier versions puts the message in an easy-to-digest way hence solving the problem. Choose the best one for you!

  3. We don’t get excited to read it
The Bible has the most exciting stories, especially the old narratives revealing character of God and telling story of our redemption. I have purposed to share them out, and infect others in loving reading them. I am thinking, Infection is the best way to spread any disease! I must spread Bible reading disease especially to those who do not find reading it exciting.

4. We don’t understand the background or history.
The easiest problem to handle. If people don’t understand the background and history of God’s Word, Pastors should give it to them! It is possible that preachers can get so caught up in teaching the Bible that they forget to introduce the basics of the Bible: who wrote it, where it came from, what it’s about, etc. We all need to read and understand the background. I suggest we can use the internet since it has much stuff on this.

In conclusion, I tempted to repeat this again; We need to set time deliberately to read the Bible! I wish we read the Bible more. Can you and I desire to read it more than we do?

I am feeling that what we need in our churches is a Bible Reading Revolution.

‘If I gonna open a church now, I would open a Bible reading church! :)’

Reading Bible

By: Kenneth Irungu
iServe Africa Apprentice 2015/16


9 thoughts on “Exposed: Why we don’t read our Bible

  1. I’m reminded of a time some years back when I was in a Catholic-based retreat, which is basically a quiet time to rethink one’s footing especially in their spiritual life. I actually made a resolution to read the Bible more often, at least everyday. But did I do it!

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