Prayer as exercise of our faith in God

Just tell God what you feel, open and pour your heart to Him. Say it all. Be honest with him, He is our Father who art in heaven!” I have found myself telling several people this statement in the last few weeks.

prayer114Praying is talking to our God through his son, Jesus Christ, and through the help of Holy Spirit. Nothing that is more fulfilling than knowing there is a father somewhere, who is ready to listen to us when we call him in truth and in spirit. The good thing about our father, we can come to him even though our coldness and guilt screams otherwise!

In the beginning of this week, I have come across an incredibly small book by Michael Reeves, Enjoy your Prayer Life, that I read in one sitting. The fourteen small chapters here leaves one with full understanding of prayers!

Reeves quotes John Calvin in defining prayer, the chief exercise of faith. He further explains that prayer is the primary way true faith expresses itself. Every time we pray, we should always remember how faithless we are, and how faithful our God is!

Our prayer life reveals how much we really want communion with God and how much we really depend on him. Too sad that many of us Christians are too busy with our own things and just set few minutes to commune with God.

Micheal Reeves says, “Being a Christian is first and foremost all about receiving, asking and depending. It’s when you don’t feel needy (and so you don’t pray much) that you lose your grip on reality and think or act in an unchristian manner.

As we grow up as Christians, we should feel not more self-sufficient but ever more needy. Thus, we need to pray more and always enjoy the care of a powerful father.

The saddest thing is that we can do prayer and get it wrong! Failure to recognize that we are all sinners can be one of obstacles to our effective prayers. This reminds me of the Pharisees, who thought they were fine and had nothing to repent! Woe unto them…Jesus said! (Matthew 23)

All we need is to be honest as we talk with our father. Reeves puts it this way, “Since the spirit knows our weaknesses, we can be real with our father, accepting how babyish we are in our faith, and simply stammer out what’s on our hearts

The way to grow in our relationship with God is being honest with him – telling him how we feel and think, our fears, struggles, unbelief, anxiety…name them, and more so remind him of his Word. True intimacy, Reeve says, only develops with honesty.

In my reading of Psalms, I realized that it is composed of prayers and hymns of people who expressed their joys and sorrows, successes and failures, hopes and regrets. We also need to approach God through prayers just as the Psalmist. At times, Psalmist interrupts their own petitions to speak of the Lord’s faithfulness and

In conclusion, focusing in God persistently will elicit more earnest and hearty prayer. Let’s cry for help from God, and not try to be impressive.

Let’s enjoy what Jesus has always enjoyed!

By Kenneth Irungu

iServe Africa Apprentice 2015/16


9 thoughts on “Prayer as exercise of our faith in God

  1. Thanks for this Ken. One thing that we are always guilty of not praying as we ought to!! The problem I find is when I make prayer an exercise of asking for things that I want!!
    Asante ndugu

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