Nowadays, many preachers are no longer preaching Sermons But only give motivational talks.

Woe unto me if i preach not the Gospel.

On Monday, my curiosity led me to enter to one the most renowned churches in the streets of Nairobi led by a famous ‘Man of God.’ The pastor is a long time televangelist who reminds me of my childhood days when I used to skip lunch on Sunday to ensure that I will not be late to watch him preach on TV.Preacher7

If you think we owned a TV set, then you are wrong. Every Sunday afternoon, I used to jump over the fence to the home of our neighbor who was the lucky one in our village to own a TV set, a Great Wall Black and White TV. I really enjoyed watching him preach, his passion and vigor in preaching attracted me a lot.

It was the above reason that I could not help passing by his church on Monday. After all, I was in town, with few free minutes at my disposal. I thus got a chance to attend a lunch hour fellowship at his church.

On getting in, I was surprised by how the building was fully packed. Wow, I was happy with how many people are really looking for God even during lunch time. I sat strategically at the last row of the fully packed church to catch a good view and the message of the Lord through the ‘Man of God.’

Time does not allow me to comment much on the worship that I experienced here. It was really good. The Praise time did a commendable job, bringing the heavens down. Instruments were great too.

At about half past one, the ‘Mum of the church’ entered elegantly with a fashionable dress…by the way, where did this term ‘Mum’ really came from? Too sad that the modern congregants call their Pastor ‘Dad!’ and the wife automatically becomes the ‘Mum!’ Or is it modernization such that even an old man, the age of my grandfather, is subjected to call very younger people than them by these names! OK, its well!

Pastor’s wife was on stage to carry out the noble task! To ask people to offer to the Lord! Please get me right, I am not against offering, after all we should offer. But the emphasis that she said we offer and the direction she took left me wondering if really people should be enticed to give! Ushers were everywhere with large white envelopes with banner inscription, “TITHE AND GIVING” and some verses beneath it.

After giving our offerings, it was the time for the Word. Soul soothing songs were sung as we waited for the speaker to come. In few minutes, the ‘Man of God’ vanished from the side pocket of the big church building carrying a large white handkerchief and a microphone. To my surprise, he had no Bible!

Reaching to the podium, he took a Bible that was on the self of the pulpit and perused through it as the praise team led us with several songs. He must be looking for a good verse to read, I thought to myself.

After a few minutes on his eyes fixed on the Bible, he thundered….AMEN! We were all ready for the Word. I took my notebook, ready to inscribe few points to take home with!

Preacher 4The Pastor read through a single verse in Genesis 16:1, Now Sarai, Abraham’s wife, had borne him no children. But she had an Egyptian maidservant named Hagar…

With this verse alone, he started his preaching which lasted more than 30 minutes. Throughout the sermon, he talked of more than 10 characters in the Bible who had problems and the Lord blessed them! I guess…A good sermon, isn’t it?

The pastor talked on us getting blessed. Getting more money! He also started talking of our enemies!. “They will all die, those who hate us. They will clap at us soon! Just wait and see!” added the Pastor.

Sincerely, I was frustrated by such a message on the pulpit. I felt out of place, I tried to figure out any enemy I know and I could not get any! The devil is my enemy, I know that! After all, if I had any, the Bible tells me to pray and Love my enemies and not to pray for them to die!

The sermon was getting sweeter and sweeter as many hands were going up in encouraging the man of God to preach it! Others shouted louder and louder as the pastor changed his tone and the pitch of his voice. Others could not sit while such a powerful Word was preached! They stood on their feet clapping, moving from few steps right and left.

I was disappointed myself by the sermon! I had very many questions that I was grappling with in my mind! When will people hear true gospel in church? Did sermons came to an end with martyr Stephen and Apostle Paul? Is self-esteem talks or presentations what people want to hear from the pulpits?

For sure, the whole sermon had nothing to do with Jesus. It had nothing to do with our sinful nature and the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. The sermon was after earthly blessings…a good house, a good car, a good job….

Who on earth does not want prosperity? None of us want to suffer! It is sad that people today view blessings as material possessions. It is thus becoming easy for rogue pastors and Word peddlers to lure congregants to give.

Just as the book, “How to Read the Bible for All its Worth,” by Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart stresses on putting every verse in the right context and content, we need pastors who will remain faithful to scriptures! Preaching nothing else but the Gospel!

Enough is enough, let Pastors remain faithful to the scriptures! Too sad that people get motivational talks from their pastors in church. Sermons have nothing to do with Jesus and Sin and nowadays, If anything comes close to this, it only talks about the devil!

My prayer for all Pastors is just like what Paul said in 1 Corinthians 9:16, “…Woe unto me if I preach not the Gospel.Preacher6


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  2. Brother this is very insightful. The question is no longer when will the pastors preach the true gospel of Christ, rather it is when will you stand up to be counted as one of the ‘good and faithful servant’ of our Master and Lord Jesus. That God made you get the revelation on this He expects you to be the one to do it His way.Shalom

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