The first day in primary school, my first day in high school, my first day in Campus! Also, my first day to enjoy salvation! Something common about these days is that I can remember them so well… I guess that I will remember my first day in marriage…

Beginning the Race...looking forward for the statement,

Beginning the Race…looking forward for the statement, “Well Done and Faithful Servant!”

To get in history of important days and weeks is this very day, Monday of September 7, 2015 and this week.

Today marks my first day in ministry and my first week in a year of volunteer work. What guides me at a time like this is the goodness of God and his faithfulness. Starting means there is an end somewhere to come someday. A long journey starts with one-step for sure…

What I desire at the end of this year of Apprenticeship is that at the end, God will look at what I have done and say the words that everyone would like to hear from laboring in this life for long

Well done, my Good and Faithful Servant.

As Jesus gave this parable of Talents in Matthew 25: 14-30, one clear thing was that the ability of the three servants was different. It is the difference in their abilities that led to the master giving them varying number of talents. I know well the number of talents the Lord Master has given to me.

In a similar way, the Lord has entrusted several things to our hands. He does not give us similar responsibilities for He knows that our abilities varies. The main thing that He wants from us is to remain faithful in the little he has put under our trust.

In addition, My motivation at this time is similar to what Apostle Paul says in 1 Cor 9:16,

Woe unto me if I do not preach the Gospel

In this Year of Mission, I am confident that the Lord will teach me, guide me and shape me. I believe that this a chance to be mentored, trained and equipped concerning missions.

One thing am confident of is that Suffering awaits me.

During the one week of Ministry Training at iServe Africa, it was evident that Gospel

Running this Race to Finish...

Running this Race to Finish…

and Suffering are inseparable. Listening to the Words of Expositor Daniel Odhiambo welcoming us to the Suffering World, It dawned on me that suffering would be part of the year.

Nevertheless, I will endure until the end. I will soldier on like a good soldier not involving self with civilian affairs, run like a good athlete by keeping rules of the game to get the prize and prepare the farm well to get good harvest like a good farmer just as Timothy is encouraged to do by his mentor and friend, Paul in 2 Tim 2:3-7.

May God help me to Endure until the End and to end the Year of Apprenticeship well. AMEN.

By Kenneth Irungu.


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